Physical Therapy Solutions, LLC

I am a fifty-five year old female who has previously experienced knee pain while walking or going upstairs. I was experiencing this pain daily and throughout the day with no relief. I was unable to power walk which was an exercise that I did quite often. 

Dr. Hanamean adjusted first my back to be in normal alignment and used the roller to loosen tight muscles. I did not know at the time my back had been out of alignment and that had caused a lot of the pain to my right outer knee. With a list of exercises and follow up treatment, I am now out of pain and able to do theses exercises with ease.  After my first appointment with Sabine, I had no more pain walking.  I still felt a little pain going up stairs. After my second appointment, I had no more problems with stairs.  Currently, I am power walking again and the other day I ran up the stairs. I felt like I was 20 years old. 

I am very grateful for Sabine's knowledge and expertise in physical therapy. She is very caring and thorough in her evaluation and knows how to relate well to her patients and their concerns. She is very pleased when you make progress, which I found encouraging. I highly, recommend Dr. Sabine Hanamean for any type of musculoskeletal ailment. I have no doubt she can help!


GF, Raleigh, NC

(January 2017) 

I have had migraines and vertigo for over 20 years. I also have type I diabetes and fibromyalgia. I have been bed-ridden months at a time and have lost 2 jobs due to all my health issues. I have tried many procedures to find a cure. I had MRI's, Cat Scans, an Optical Block, deep intramuscular massages and IV DHE hospital stay for a week. 

I had multiple SPG blocks (inserting a sphagetti-sized catheter through the nasal passage to release 4% lidocaine to the sphenopalatine ganglion, a nerve bundle associated with migraines).  I have been seen and treated by numerous ENT specialists as well as neurologists.  I took numerous medications for migraine pain, nausea and motion sickness. The procedures didn't work or relieved pain for a short time. I thought I had to just live with the pain and it would never get better.

A friend recommended Dr. Sabine Hanamean. I was exhausted and did not want to spent more money for something that would not work. It took me a while before I made my appointment with her. The first time I went to her office she wanted to get a full medical history and she found out that I had tried many things to get well.  She completed an eye examen followed by a canal repositioning maneuver. My vertigo had drastically improved after the first visit. I learned that my muscles had shortened and my spine required realignment. My ribcage was stiff and all of my muscles were shortened. 

I have seen Sabine now for 6 months with once a week visits,  or every 2-3 weeks one visit. I have been headache free for weeks at a time. She has helped me to not be dizzy and to loosen the muscles that are tight. 

She knows where I am hurting before I can tell her. She will try to find answers if she is not sure what to do at the moment. She loves what she does and wants to help people get well. I am so grateful I was directed to her. My life has changed for the better with her help.  Since I have been seeing Sabine I have gotten off all my pain medication and the beta-blocker I was on.  She looks at the body as a whole and not in individual parts. She is very patient and cares deeply for her patients. I drive 55 minutes to get to her office and it is totally worth it.  

M.F., Hillsborough, NC